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Brenda Cross-Woodrome

Originally from Texas, I am a proud New Mexican transplant from the Gulf Coast and Central Texas area. From a very different region, we arrived in Albuquerque for the very first time in 2010. I quickly became enamored by the atmosphere, weather and climate here. Every day was a new and wonderful experience. I woke up to the beautiful Sandias every morning and the evenings were spent enjoying the purple, pink and red hues of the heavenly landscape. As with everything else in life, I quickly learned all there was to learn about New Mexico and became involved in the community making friends and connections. I knew I wanted to learn more and become more involved and that easily went from Property Management very smoothly into Real Estate. I am always studying the market, staying on top of current information and continue training. Learning new things about the area and focusing my skills is what I do every day. The knowledge I have learned and the experiences I have had is what I want people to get from me. I want to be able to teach and help the people I get to know what I have learned through the process of life and career.

With 30 years sales and customer service experience, earning a photography degree and a background in property management, I know there is nothing that can’t be done. Nothing is impossible.

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Bill Butler

After college Bill began his career as a high school teacher and coach. His last teaching and coaching position was at Moriarty High School. Bill left teaching to begin a nearly 20 year career as a business owner and corporate executive. In 1994 the Lord then called Bill into ministry. After 2 years of preparation he began as a missionary to Papua New Guinea. He has served as a missionary, pastor and church planter in the USA, Asia, Africa, Central America and Pacific Rim Islands. The Lord began to move Bill to plant a church in the East Mountains in 2009. While Bill continued to work overseas he began to pray, plan and begin this new church. Canyon Bible Church was birthed in the summer of 2010 as a house church in the East Mountains and will begin their public church services in January of 2011. While Bill is now firmly rooted in the East Mountains he continues to teach, train and preach in many countries around the world. Canyon Bible currently meets on Wednesday nights and will begin with a Saturday night service using the Mt. Christian Church building located on North 14 in January. For more information please visit or call 228-2609.

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